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Thank you SO much for embracing this campaign to give local seniors a happier Christmas. All the seniors have now been pledged. 

We encourage you to learn about our Cleaner Days campaign to raise money so low-income seniors can get help with house cleaning.  This supportive service helps a senior continue to live independently at home, rather than having to move into care.  Please visit to learn more.  Again, thank you for your support.

Questions about Making Spirits Bright? Check our FAQs page or phone 250.545.0585.





A bit about me

My gift request





I am a 72 year old retired teacher. I love all children and all ethnicities. I volunteer as much as possible, but struggle with staying positive as many unpleasant things have happened to me. I enjoy sewing crafts, photography, and all art. I don't do much on Christmas Day - TV and music at home. I don't have family in the area.

I really need undergarments, but perhaps a gift card for Walmart would be the best as they seem to have a good selection at reasonable prices.




I am 72. In Europe, I was a childcare worker before moving to Canada. From a young age, I have been affected with medical problems. They cause me to become tired very easily. I have a dog an 2 cats that were rescues and enjoy watching public television. When I can, I socialize at the Upper Room Mission and attend the street lunch at the Anglican Church. For Christmas, I will go to the St. James Catholic School dinner.

I could really use a Walmart gift card. I would purchase new shoeware, underwear and some basic clothing.
I have lost two sizes since I had some mini strokes.




I am 94 years old, born in Manitoba to Immigrant parents. My mother moved here at 14 and never saw her parents again. I was lucky, had a happy childhood and a wonderful marriage to a perfect husband for 69 years. I love to read, and used to knit and crochet before my eyesight failed me.

I could really use a pair of pull on black slacks (size 16 petite). A pair of black gloves (medium) would be lovely.
I need petite as I have lost height. I was 5 foot 6 and a half inches, and now I am 5 foot 2.




I am 65 years old.  I was born in Langley into a family of eight. I live alone in Vernon. I have a daughter in Kamloops but I don't see her. I don't do anything different on Christmas Day. I enjoy walking, doing crossword puzzles and am an avid sports fan.

I would really like a gift card for Walmart so I could buy a winter coat. This gift would protect me from the elements and help boost my self esteem.




I am 64 years old. My mom and dad were in the restaurant business in the Kootenays so I grew up being a waitress and chambermaid. I really enjoy drawing and painting. I live with my 43 year old son who struggles with psychosis, a mental disorder. I personally cannot do much. I go to the luncheons put on in the community by CMHA and to church concerts that are free.

I really need new underclothing and also a sweater because my coat is very thin. Walmart or Penningtons would be the best places for me to shop for clothing. Thank you.

Call NexusBC for items and sizes, if you prefer to purchase items directly.




I am 61 years old.  I've been in Vernon since 1962 and was an equipment operator. Had to quit work as I have three herniated discs. Now I can't walk very far and can't stand for long periods of time. My hobbies are now watching movies. I don't have any family in the area. My mom passed away a couple years ago and I only have one brother in Alberta who I haven't seen for years. At Christmas, I will just watch TV probably.

For Christmas, anything would help and I would be so thankful for any of the items on my wish list: Safeway gift card, lined winter jeans size 32 x 32, winter jacket size 42, shoes size 9.5, or a gas card from Shell.




I am 58 years old. Many traumatic events have left me with chronic pain and unable to work or play. This has also left me barely able to do day to day chores. I also have mental health issues. I love to fish but that is almost impossible now which is too bad because it gave me great pleasure. I don't have any family in the area. The nearest relative is in Edmonton.

I would really like a gift card for food to help me eat properly. I will shop anywhere I can get the best bang for my buck.




I am 60 years old. I live with MS and have no family living in the area. They all live in Ontario where I'm from originally. I spend my time mostly with my 4 budgies. I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, and trying to knit or crochet when my hands cooperate to do these things. For Christmas, I mostly stay home unless a friend or neighbour asks me over.

It would help me a lot to have groceries for Christmas. I shop where the deals are at any of the main stores - Walmart, Superstore or Safeway.




I am 69 years old. I was born in Alberta and moved to BC about 10 years ago. Iíve been in Vernon for 5 years and moved here because there was an opening in a BC Housing residence. I donít know many people here. All my family is in Alberta. I have spent that last few Christmases alone. Last year I enjoyed the dinner gathering at the St. James School.

I am a diabetic and need to eat more fruit and veggies so a gift card for groceries (Walmart preferred) would be very helpful. 




I am 76 years old and immigrated from the Philippines 23 years ago with my husband. I am a widow now. We didn't have children and I donít have any relatives here. At Christmas, I go to church, and spend the rest of the time at home unless a friend invites me over. I am on a fixed income. With rent and other monthly bills, I struggle to pay for everything and have money left over for groceries.

I would love to have a gift card for groceries/clothing for Walmart, the Dollar Store or The Bay. Any denomination would be a big help to me. I am so appreciative of everyone who is kind enough to share what they have.




I am a young senior at 63 years old, only making $650 pension per month plus working a part-time job. It's very hard to make ends meet. I live a humble life in my small apartment; not much furniture, very little in the fridge. I don't have any family in Vernon, but I have a cat; she is my best friend. On Christmas day I will probably watch TV.  I enjoy shows about airplanes and old cars.

I would be so thankful to have a gift card for groceries. My preferred place to shop is the Wholesale Club. I am so thankful for the many resources in our community. Without them I would be hungry.




I am 79 years old, born and raised in Vernon.  I live alone in a small apartment and am a low-income pensioner. I enjoy walking even though I do rely on a cane. I like going to the food court; the Sizzling Wok is my favourite. For Christmas, I don't do much different. Sometimes one of my relations picks me up for a dinner out.

I am not comfortable with asking for financial help, but the ladies at NexusBC encouraged me to do so. A gift card for clothing and groceries at Walmart would really help me. Thank you.




I am 75 and tend to be a loner. Most of my time is spent going to the dog park and hiking with my best 4-legged friend. My anxiety makes regular socializing difficult. I am a caring person, and do love to volunteer, but have fear that can be debilitating at times. This also affects my relationship with my family, especially around Christmas. I am just most comfortable with my dog, gardening and solo excursions.

For Christmas, I would love to give my best furry friend a comfortable dog bed. A gift card to Walmart could be helpful in purchasing a pair of short winter boots or shoes (size 8) for my arthritic feet. This would free up money that I could use for vet checkups and inoculations.




I am 70 years old and moved to the Okanagan in the early 90's. I worked steady till I was diagnosed with cancer and diabetes and wasnt able to return. I don't have any family. I try to maintain a positive lifestyle by walking 3 hours a week and cooking healthy and simple 1-person meals. I enjoy watching nature documentaries.  

For Christmas, I would really appreciate a gift card. I do most of my shopping at Walmart, Superstore and Safeway.




I am 70 years old, originally from Flin Flon, Manitoba. I have a daughter who lives here. youngest is my little angel. I enjoy doing puzzles, sewing, taking care of my yard and spending time with my budgie.

For Christmas, I would love a gift card for Walmart . The place I rent is so cold and I have a bad leg and foot so I would probably get something to keep me warm.




I am 79 years old and although I was born in Olds, Alberta, I have lived in BC for 73 years. My hobbies include watching hockey, football.  I also love to cook. Christmas Day is spent at home by myself. I will probably make a nice dinner; if I'm lucky, a prime rib with mashed potatoes.

I could sure use some polo shirts: three button up, pocket, size 3X tall, dark in colour preferred. I only have 4 shirts; one of which is 22 years old.

Sonny also wanted to thank the person who gave him a heavy winter coat last year. He says it was perfect and kept him warm.




I am 65 and started out in Vernon 13 years ago. I went from being homeless to being pretty much self sufficient thanks to this wonderful community and the resources offered. I am now all about giving back to this wonderful city and I volunteer when I can.  My hobbies include bead work and working with leather. I like to design footwear, pouches and bags.

For Christmas, I would like to give back for all the joy I have received. It would make me very happy if someone would donate a gift for a child at the "Together for Christmas" community dinner that takes place at St. James school. Please contact the Together for Christmas Society at 250-308-9973. Thank you.




I am 67 years old and was born in Summerland. As a true Okanaganer, I worked in the fruit industry for 30 years, even working at the Vernon Fruit Union Packing House. Now, I live on a small pension and rent an apartment. On Christmas I don't do very's nice if a friend stops by. I don't have any family in the area.

I would really like to have a gift card for Walmart so I could buy a food processor. It's been hard to cut vegetables since I fell and hurt my shoulder. Also, I love Purdyís chocolates.





I am 66 years old and living on a very low income. I recently moved to Vernon with my dog. I have two grown children on the coast and don't see them very often so I am looking forward to meeting some new friends. I enjoy gardening, reading, walking, yoga and cooking. I don't have any Christmas plans this year.

I would love to have a gift card for Buy Low Foods for groceries so I could maybe buy a few things that I normally couldn't.  Or a gift card for Shell gas would be helpful so I could get out and about more often.




I am 65 years old. I was born in Prince George but moved to Vernon about 30 years ago. I worked as a truck driver until recently when I was diagnosed with cancer. My teeth were in bad shape so the doctors required that all my teeth be pulled before providing me with cancer treatment. I had my teeth pulled but now I've lost weight because I can't eat any solid food.

I am in dire need of a full set of dentures in order to regain my health.  NexusBC has set me up with a Go Fund Me account. My dentures will cost $3100 and the money will go to the denturist I am working with via NexusBC. Please donate here:

Campaign ended November 30th. If you would still like to donate, please phone 545-0585

Thank you!




I am 81 years old. I enjoy reading, gardening and riding a bike. For Christmas I go to a family dinner.

It would help me to have a gift card for Walmart or the Superstore so I could get items I can't afford.




I am 58 years old and was born on Christmas Day.  My income is very low. My hobbies are fishing and camping. All my family is in Ontario. On Christmas Day, I stay home and  talk to my family on the phone. 

I would like a gift card for a store that I could buy shoes or boots (perhaps Walmart).  Any gift would make my day. I'm thankful for this program.  




I am 82 years old and live alone in a small one bedroom apartment. I love to read, do jigsaw puzzles, crochet and knit small things. I love people and often phone friends to come visit me. I love my family and listening to the stories my great-grandchildren tell me.

I would really like to have a turkey. I plan to spend Christmas with my granddaughter who has 3 boys (one is handicapped). She struggles to make ends meet and I would like to contribute by cooking and bringing the turkey for dinner.




I am 64 years old. Since my husband passed away I live a pretty quiet life. I visit with my friends or go shopping with them. They buy I watch, but at least it gets me out. I love to garden, love little children, pray and read my Bible. I have family but not in Vernon. They work hard and can't get away so I am alone at Christmas.

It would really help me to have a gift card for Walmart or the Superstore to buy some shirts, socks, underwear, pajamas or pants.


"Happy Chappy"


I am 66 years old and recovering from cancer (lungs, bladder and prostate) as well as a stroke. I am hopeful that 2018 will be my come back year because I would like to start some part-time work to feel useful again. My hobbies are cooking, metal detecting and repurposing stuff that people throw out. I don't do much at Christmas.

I would love to have a gift card for the Superstore to help me get through the month.




I am 60 years old and providing nearly 24-7 care for my parents who are 90 and 98. I help them with making meals, taking them to appointments, cutting their hair, whatever they need. I like helping people, love hiking and going for walks.  Also like to go to the movies when I can. 

I would be happy to receive a gift card for Walmart so I can get groceries and extra things that I usually can't afford to buy.




I am 70 years old and live alone. I love to volunteer in the community. There are so many causes that need help. I enjoy playing cards in my building and reading large print books. I have family but not nearby. I don't do much at Christmas.

I would love to have a gift card to buy groceries at Walmart. I can use the bus to get there. Thank you. It would help me have some items that are too expensive to buy and it would make my day better.